Storage & streaming for media workflows
XOR Media offers open, cloud-capable, and media-centric servers and storage already trusted by broadcasters and content providers around the world. These are the same technologies that the group, the SeaChange Broadcast, has offered and supported in the past two decades. XOR technologies integrate seamlessly with best-in-class media technology providers, making them suitable for various workflows.
Massive storage from 16TB to 64ZB in a single global namespace, accessed via NAS and SAN simultaneously
High-density ingest and playout servers and software designed for efficient media workflows
Private cloud solution for a truly global storage and delivery infrastructure



XOR MediaSever G

The XOR MediaServer G is a video server integrated with real-time branding and DVE capabilities. It simplifies workflow and allows channels to be brought to air more quickly and at lower cost. Product information


XOR Media releases its 4K video server.

The latest generation of MediaServer G from XOR Media, MediaServer G 4K series is a 4K video server which is designed for broadcast-quality 4K video playback. It takes the art of broadcast to a new height, supporting multiple channel branding options to flex with your production needs.