MediaController Tool

The XOR MediaController Tool(MCT) is a software application that helps broadcasters to control their MediaServer or MediaClient codecs across the network. With this MediaController Tool, broadcasters can perform single or multi-cam ingest, control playback of a playlist, and do clip trimming operations. The MCT allows operators to remotely control the record and playback on XOR servers by using various user profiles defined in MCT. Moreover MCT can be resorted as an alternative to VTR backup, ensuring business continuity. Besides with embedding in MSVG channel-in-box running as automation control tool, MCT is able to direct MSVG playout of controlled scenes and branding programs.

Easy to use
• The simple, easy-to-use interface of the MCT puts tools right at the user’s fingertips

Business continuity
• Functions as the emergency playout solution making it perfectly suitable for disaster recovery sites

• Switch quickly between day-to-day tasks with Profile selections.

• Control your MediaClient codecs using a single application. No database or complex installation and configuration is required

• Start a recording, then switch to the playout interface to begin trimming or creating a playlist

• The MCT is compatible with both XOR MediaServer and XOR MediaClient

• MCT empowers you on MediaServerG to play out live SDI signals directly without having to first go through recoding

Automation Control of MSVG
• Allow scheduling playout events beyond 24 hours, and inserting clip or live event between OnAir and Cued events in the playlist