Media Appliances and Applications

XOR media appliances are broadcast codec servers that offer multi-resolution and multi-format operations, making them ideal for channel expansion, content production, live entertainment, and sports applications. These servers have flexible and cost-effective software codec configuration, with up to 8 channels of SD, HD, SD/HD or UHD channels.

XOR Media promotes the idea of low investment and rapid development. All broadcast codec servers use a shared hardware platform, include the Playout video server MediaServer C / MediaServer C 4K and Channel in a Box video Server MediaServer G / MediaServer G 4K. The functionality and channel density are available by software authorization. All broadcast codec servers can be play-to-air building block with shared storage UML-N or Standalone video server.

XOR also offers media software applications, which are workflow productivity tools specifically designed to make XOR media workflows highly efficient: the content recording and playback software MediaController Tool; transfer management tool MediaGateway; and delayed playback application Time Delay Application Tool.

Media Appliances and Applications Technologies
MediaServer G
A HD/SD switchable Channel-in-a-Box video server that internally delivers video playback as well as live switching and rich branding graphics.
MediaServer C
The flexible modular codec video servers is designed for broadcast quality SD and HD video ingests and playback.

MediaServer G 4K
The latest series of Channel-in-a-Box video server for UHD playout server with embedded graphics and HDR support.
MediaServer C 4K
The latest series of video server is designed for UHD playout servers with HDR support.

Media Controller Tool
Cost-effective solution tool for automated recording and playout of branding programs and scenes in a customizable user interface
XOR MediaGateway
Workflow management application for ingest, conversion, and mirroring

Time Delay Application
Automated software application that complements XOR broadcast servers to delay playout of an original broadcast feed