Universal MediaLibrary N36-series

The Universal Media Library N36 (abbreviated as UML N36 hereinafter), released by XOR Media, boasts its high density, immense storage capacity, and high performance as well as cost efficiency. It can be easily deployed as cloud storage by loading XOR Cloud Aqua, which delivers a centralized media storage solution for applications which require high I/O performance such as surveillance of video, and big data storage etc.

As an upgraded product of UML, the storage capacity of UML N36 is greatly enhanced. There are 36 drive bays (24 front +12 rear) enclosed in a 4U chassis, which is compatible with SATA disks. Its full capacity reaches up to 144TB

The UML N36 features simultaneous NAS and SAN access in the same file system, which means the company doesn’t need to set up islands of storage system for different devices with different connection interfaces. All files can be accessed and managed in a single global namespace.

• 4U chassis
• Capacity: single disk as 1TB/2TB/3TB/4TB, 36 drive bays, up to 144TB
• Single controller

High performance
• Up to 30Gbps throughput per server

Client-based bandwidth control
• Integration with LDAP and Active Directory for IT-friendly multi-user access administration

Operational flexibility
• Surveillance of video
• Big data storage
• Media factory applications

Seamless integration with CloudAqua
• Transparent to external applications
• On-demand file storing
• Enhanced data security
• Automated way of processing data files by using the featured MediaFlow technology

• 4RU Chassis

• NAS (4 x 1GbE)
• NAS (8 x 1GbE)
• NAS (12 x 1GbE)
• NAS (4 x 1GbE, 4 x 10GbE)

Power Supply
• 1400W high-efficiency redundant PSUs (1+1 redundancy)
• AC Input: 1100W @ 100-140 V, 50-60 Hz, 13.5-9.5 Amp, 50-60hz
1400W @ 180-240V, 9.5-7.0 Amp, 50-60hz
• DC DC Output: 1100W: +12V/92A; +5Vsb/4A
1400W: +12V/116A; +5Vsb/4A

• 17.2” (437mm) x 7” (178mm) x 27.5” (699mm)