Wednesday, 03 April 2019 21:02

XOR Media showcases its latest UHD video server at BIRTV.

XOR Media is committed to providing stable, innovative and economical hard-disk broadcasting solutions; offering both storage and cutting-edge broadcasting equipment.

XOR Media takes pride in showcasing its products at the BIRTV Exhibition. Founded in 1987, the Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Exhibition, (BIRTV), is recognized as the world's top three, Asia's top one international radio, TV and film exhibitions. BIRTV offers:
  • - An Advanced platform to lead the radio, TV and film technology trends in China.
  • - An ideal platform to demonstrate advanced technical equipment, and to showcase the achievements of the radio, TV and film industries.
  • - An effective platform to exchange outstanding concepts and seek common development opportunities.
In August 2018, XOR Media was proud to showcase the latest generation UHD video broadcast server, (MSV-G-4K), along with our state-of-the-art UHD unified content management and broadcast platform at the BIRTV Exhibition with our partner, Beijing Jetsen Technology Co., Ltd. The MSV-G-4K fully supports XAVC Intra 4:2:2 10bit,(MXF-OP1A),UHD material, 4K/HD 1080i mixed broadcast and up/down conversion. The MSV-G-4K series can be utilized to implement HD and UHD mixed broadcast seamlessly by TV stations in a UHD service implementation transition period.

The MSV-G-4K series broadcast video server provides flexible storage solutions, with either built-in storage, or by connecting to our Universal MediaLibrary (UML), achieving seamless multichannel data-sharable solutions.

UML offers high capacity, high-performance storage solutions for TV broadcasting applications for on-line, near-line and off-line storage. Benefits include:
  • - Flexible storage options. UML can be used to either integrated with stand-alone storage system, or expand the capacity of existing storage.
  • - Adopting common protocol, UML can be used to integrate with third-party application.
  • - Compatibility with both SAS and SATA disk. UML can be accessed faster and more easily than a near-line/off-line tape library as a central storage system, thus enhancing production efficiency for users.
  • - Compared to other hard disk-based NAS solutions, UML has a lower average storage cost, better reliability, no expansion difficulties and friendlier operating cost.
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