Tuesday, 04 September 2012 23:31

XOR and Etere deliver new and innovative "channel in a box" playout

XOR Media (formerly SeaChange Broadcast), developer of high-performance, open, IT storage for media applications and private cloud data centers, takes its partnership with Etere, renowned provider of media software solutions, to the next level. The partnership aims to simplify playout workflow by integrating playout with graphics and master control functions as "channel in a box".The solution keeps the open architecture standard unlocked to help in the scalability and expansion of the platform with more third-party best-in-class tools.

At the core of the solution offering is XOR Media's robust servers and storage infrastructure. The XOR MediaClient 8200 (MCL 8200) is a 64-bit video server with SD and HD input and output, with up to 12SD or 11HD channels in a 3RU footprint. Connected with the high-performance shared XOR Universal MediaLibrary storage, the MCL 8200 accesses all stored content and simultaneously streams hundreds of channels in real-time over IP network.

With Etere MTX drivers, MCL 8200 becomes a complete IT-based playout with integrated graphics and master control technologies built-in. This immediately simplifies logo insertion and CG overlays with the full API control by Etere Automation.

Etere adds new codec support such as WMV, ProRes, and AVI. It also brings powerful master control functionalities with touch control panel and router control for unlimited inputs.

"The robustness of XOR broadcast servers and storage and its open IT standards make the bundling of our products with Etere MTX a very unique, innovative, and cost-effective solution for new and already established broadcasters," said Stephane Jauroyou, vice president for worldwide sales, XOR Media. "With Etere's MTX application, broadcasters and content producers now have the ideal combination to support premium channels as well as new thematic channels in a common platform."

"With its IT-based architecture, simplified system design, and free upgrade policy, Etere MTX is a long-term solution for playout," said Fabio Gattari, president & Asia Pacific sales, Etere. "We believe that the XOR platform is built on the same concept, with its open standards, scalable components, and shared cloud architecture. An integrated solution like ours reduces capital expenditure as it can last a very long time."

XOR Media will be at booth 6.C29 in RAI Amsterdam at the IBC 2012 show from September 7 to 11. For more information, visit www.xor-media.com/IBC. To set a meeting, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Register for free at www.ibc.org using the VIP code 17803.

Etere will be at booth 8.B89 in the same show.

About XOR Media
XOR Media develops high-performance, open, IT storage, specialized for media applications and private cloud data centers. Formerly SeaChange Broadcast, XOR Media offers a product line that includes open, cloud-capable, and media-optimized technologies used by hundreds of broadcasters and content providers around the world: ingest and playout codecs MediaClient and MediaServer; and the prizewinning, clustered and scalable Universal MediaLibrary storage. XOR Media operates globally with over 200 employees and manages 15,000 channels on air. www.xor-media.com

About Etere
Etere, the worldwide pioneer in IT-based broadcast produces highly integrated software compliant with Media Enterprise Resource Management vision. Designing more efficient workflows and improving the system scalability. An outstanding portfolio of edge technologies, high performance, top level application support, quality software solutions that anticipate and satisfy broadcast needs. Etere is focused on innovation in understanding the trends and needs of the market, preparing for what's to come. More information is available at www.etere.eu.
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