Saturday, 14 April 2012 00:39

KBSN consolidates play-to-air infrastructure

SeaChange International's (Nasdaq: SEAC) Broadcast storage and servers business division announced the deployment of a complete SeaChange play-to-air system at Korean national television channel KBSN. KBSN is a multiple program provider operating four channels including KBSN Sports, KBS Drama, KBS Joy, and KBS Prime as subsidiary of Korean Broadcasting System (KBS).

KBSN upgraded its existing play-to-air system, the SeaChange Broadcast MediaLibrary (BML) with the installation of the highly available and scalable storage SeaChange Universal MediaLibrary (UML) T-series and the modular software codec SeaChange MediaClient (MCL) 8200. The UML T-series will serve as a massive central repository with its 50TB usable capacity in small footprint of 5RU. The UML is integrated over an IP network to the MCL 8200 supporting a total of 4 HD and 1 SD channels for playout. Their BML legacy cluster will then migrate into a disaster recovery system. Data management between the UML master storage and the BML backup storage will be handled by the SeaChange MediaGateway Pro application.

With the SeaChange Broadcast play-to-air system, KBSN can take full advantage of the UML's simultaneous NAS and SAN capabilities that can support real-time play-to-air, high-performance production, and media factory applications. This allows KBSN to simplify workflows today as they air four channels, and in the future when they offer more.

Mr.Shin Geun-Chel, KBSN technical director, said, "As a broadcaster, KBSN aims to always be abreast of new technologies and processes. Nowadays, it is all about tapeless and the cloud. And while these terms sound like mere buzz words, SeaChange Broadcast makes a practical and real solution in the Universal MediaLibrary. It is open, cloud-capable, and readily maximizes our IT investment with its flexible NAS and SAN capabilities."

Stephane Jauroyou, vice president of Worldwide Sales at SeaChange Broadcast, which will become XOR Media following regulatory approvals, said, "A prominent broadcaster like KBSN needs real solutions for real challenges. What SeaChange Broadcast provides are technologies that have concrete benefits in terms of technical operations and financial investments. This is evidenced by KBSN's continuous trust in our line of products and services, and KBSN will be enhancing its operations with more open, cloud-capable, and media-centric technologies from our group in the coming years."

SeaChange International's Broadcast group develops and supports IP-based broadcast workflows for hundreds of broadcasters, content providers, and media companies globally with thousands of SD and HD channels on air today.

SeaChange Broadcast is becoming XOR Media, an independent technology company that will support existing SeaChange Broadcast customers and deliver transformative media storage and codecs solutions to the market.

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