Press Releases
Universal MediaLibrary and MediaServer 1200 central to the brand new HD news channel

XOR Media (formerly SeaChange Broadcast) today announced that Omega Broadcast Pvt. Ltd. has chosen the XOR Media Universal MediaLibrary storage system and MediaServer 1200 standalone video server for the Indian broadcaster's latest news channel, 4 Real News.
XOR Media (formerly SeaChange Broadcast) developer of high-performance, open, IT storage for media applications and private cloud data centers, today announced its working with Adobe. Together, the two companies will offer media companies a powerful file-based production workflow for broadcast production.
XOR Media (formerly SeaChange Broadcast) today announced South Dakota Public Broadcasting has selected the Universal MediaLibrary (UML) for their production/near-line storage requirements. The UML is configured with 216TB of RAID 6-protected storage that supports simultaneous access to all files through both SAN (iSCSI clients) and NAS (FTP, CIFS, and NFS clients) without special gateways or re-configuration.
SeaChange International's (Nasdaq: SEAC) Broadcast storage and servers business division announced the deployment of a complete SeaChange play-to-air system at Korean national television channel KBSN. KBSN is a multiple program provider operating four channels including KBSN Sports, KBS Drama, KBS Joy, and KBS Prime as subsidiary of Korean Broadcasting System (KBS).
XOR Media announced that Finnish commercial television station MTV Oy (MTV3) chose XOR for its mixed play-to-air and production storage infrastructure. The new MTV Oy play-to-air and production setup utilizes the XOR Universal MediaLibrary storage and XOR MediaClient software codecs servers.

PBS station utilizes system's unique simultaneous SAN/NAS architecture

SeaChange International's (Nasdaq:SEAC) Broadcast group announced that WPBT2, South Florida Public Media, has recently integrated its VMware IT environment with its existing SeaChange Universal MediaLibrary near-line storage utilizing the system's Windows iSCSI client software.